Talent Management


Randy Wang

Randy Wang is a writer-director born in China, currently, live in Los Angeles. His short film The Girl In The Garage has been nominated in several film festivals, including  LA Film Awards, Chinese America Film Festival, FICCOC, Gold Movie Awards, LA Independent Film Fest, and many others around the world.  It also won multiple awards including Best Short Film, Best Thriller Short Film, Best Director.

Haiyang Yu

As a writer-director, Haiyang Yu keeps creating thought-provoking contents and spreads his voice across the world.

Haiyang Yu starts his writing career as a Chinese creative copywriter. Since 2010, he worked for world-leading advertising agencies (TBWA, JWT, Saatchi&Saatchi, and Ogilvy), serving over 20 global and local brands, including McDonald’s, GE, Adidas, COACH, Absolut Vodka, Clinique, Mini-Maid…. From TVC, print ad, digital, to IMC (integrated marking communication), he uses his creative writing and innovative ideas to influence consumers.

Since 2016, he moved to film industry, wrote, directed, and produced his first narrative short film “Barber,” where he paid attention to the euthanasia, talking about what’s the mercy for people who are suffering the terminal disease.

He keeps challenging himself as a visual storyteller, during his study in ACCD, he directed and produced the music video “Catchpenny Ritz”, calling people to recognize and deliberate what it means to be a consumer, and what effect their purchase has on the rest of the world.

Later, he continues his exploration of human nature and the world. He shifted his attention on homosexuality, disabled people, and religious believers. He wrote and directed the thoughtful narrative short film “Hold On” depicting a devout Catholic mother’s struggling after she discovers her disabled son is homosexual and in desperate need of a sexual partner. She has to choose between God and her son.

Inspired by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Ingmar Bergman, and Federico Fellini, Haiyang Yu digs into humanity, creates dramatic stories, and films them in a poetic way. Now he moves on to feature projects, finishing “Nice To Meet Me,” a fan body-swap self-growth story,  polishing “Falling Days” a Chinese-American homosexual’s love and life tragedy in this ever-changing world.

From fireside folk tales to cinematic dramas, narratives are essential to human beings. Haiyang Yu masters his cinematic stories to sculpture time and space, to cultivate humanity, to present human’s lives, and to solace in faith.

Xing You

Xing You is a writer-director of seven short narrative films. His first feature film, Summer Knight, is in post-production.

Xing You has lived and studied in four different countries on three different continents. His expansive cultural and social experience has put him under a wide range of artistic and literary influence. Among his preferred subjects are youthful yearning, unfulfilled romance, individual stuck in moral conundrum, and intricate family drama. He is an aspiring dialectician, determined to examine mankind’s irresolvable contradictions, and to question the world with its own image. He believes his art must emotionally engage the audience, evoke reflection, and invoke contemplation.

Xing You was born and raised in Chengdu, China, in a family of college professors and blue-collar workers. He arrived in the U.S in 2008, earning a BA and a MFA in film, from Texas Christian University and Emerson College respectively. After studying and living in Fort Worth, Boston, and Austin, he moved to Los Angeles in 2015. In 2018, the production of his first feature film brought him back to his hometown.


Cong Zhou

Cong Zhou is a Chinese cinematographer, born in Guiyang in 1990. After graduated from Communication University of China in 2013, he’s been working as a DP and camera operator in feature films, TV shows, commercials, and documentaries. In 2014, he worked as the cinematographer for documentary Beautiful Nostalgia, which explores the lives of villagers in Guizhou province. During 2014-2015, he worked as the camera operator for the first Chinese LGBTQ comedy show Rainbow Family, which made over 30,000,000 views. One of his short films Perth Permit (2016) was selected into the Cannes Film Festival short film section. He is well known for his lighting skills and camera movement. In the same year, he shot another documentary March! March! March! , which explores the history of the Red Army. In 2017, he worked for a comedy show called My Name is Huang Guosheng, which was a huge hit in China and achieved 130,000,000 views. After that, he moved to Los Angeles for further education in Art Center College of Design.  In 2018, he finished his first feature Over the Sea (2018) as the DP in Liaoning, China, which was selected as a finalist in the “Special Attention” section of the Shanghai film festival and also expected to be a potential award winner at various film festivals in 2020.


Danny Li

Danny Li is a bilingual blogger, social media influencer, and KOL. He graduated with a B.A degree in Media Design and a minor in Business-managing innovation. Danny’s first video gained over 1.5 million views on Weibo. He also had business cooperation with several brands including Daniel Wellington.