Writer's Room

Under our unique writer's room model, the showrunner leads the writing team in formulating content framework, controlling stylistic details, and developing storylines and characters for each episode. Adopting a highly concentrated work mode focusing on content and creativity, the producer also assumes the role of the writer of the first episode (pilot).With a highly concentrated creative mode of writing and production, our cohesive and executive team can incubate the kinds of high-quality original series which are highly sought after by audiences and markets. A well-established and inclusive film and television drama framework should constantly introduce new ideas and content. Behind the efficient creation mode of the producer both as "core scriptwriter" is a more flexible, unique and multi-perspective style of teamwork. This style has attracted a new generation of scriptwriters and scriptwriter studios to brainstorm and create compelling stories loved by contemporary young audiences.

The script creation of the XS media scriptwriter team also flexibly adapts to the cross-media narrative marketing programs for movies and TV, comics, novels, games, and the Internet. We are adept at capturing novel stories with unique commercial potential in society and daily life and adapting them into movies or TV series to meet the needs of multi-platform users for well-produced stories.

XS media has not only a cutting-edge story adaptation strategy, but also a "core original spirit". Every original film and TV series curated by our writer room has a mature and complete story framework and innovative narrative concepts. We have integrated the creative ideas of the producers and writers to evaluate and improve the original, literary and storyline of the script, striving to perfectly presentexcellent original works.

Our writer’s room combines elite producers and talented screenwriters with an international perspective. Based on big data and audience demand,we use inspiring stories to depict dreams and convey positive mainstream values.